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Social Action

When we are not in schools our passion for making
a difference spills into other parts of our life,
here are a few examples.
Ready For Work_edited.png
Ready For Work

For 10 years, Meg and Steve were privileged to work alongside Business in the Community

helping homeless people get back into employment. They delivered

the training for the Ready for Work programmes in London

from 2004-2014, delivering approximately 240 days of training, worked with >1200 unemployed clients and

helped >700 to gain full-time employment. An amazing programme with life-long

impact, on the participants. 

Youth & Children's Work

For many years, Meg and Steve of The Life Skills Company led the Youth (& Families) Work for All Saints Church, Danehill.

This included two youth groups each week for approx. 40-50 young people, as well as a youth camp and other youth events within the church. Meg now leads the Children's (& Families) Work. 

Click here to find our more information.

Girl Guiding

Chloe has led a unit of girl guides aged 7-11 for 9years,

helping girls to grow and develop in a city-centre unit. She has also held a Commissioner position, responsible for local area growth and support of leaders.

She currently runs a team to ensure that all new volunteers are mentored, trained and provided with their certification.


To find out more about the Girlguiding UK voluntary movement please click here

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