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Motivating Me!


It can be frustrating when capable students are ‘underperforming’ because they lack the motivation to succeed and no amount of adult persuasion, encouragement or nagging seems to keep them on track!


‘MotivatingMe!’ helps students to motivate themselves and take responsibility for their future, freeing adults in their lives to spend time on other priorities.

This pragmatic and interactive 1hr 40min/2hr workshop is aimed at Year 11 students and will be tailed for your selected group of students or half-year groups.

The workshop explores both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation (after all true motivation comes from within) including the following topics:

  1. Getting Good Grades - What’s In It For Me?

  2. Setting Bite Size Goals 

  3. Using Sticks and Carrots 

  4. Planning for Obstacles

  5. Positive & Negative Self-Talk

  6. The Three Fs

  7. Modifying Negative Self-Talk - Growth Mindset

  8. My Personal Action Plan


Students leave the workshop with techniques that they can use immediately, more determined and more confident that they can succeed in their GCSEs as well as any endeavour in life.

  It was the best lesson
that I have ever done.
I feel more positive.
I feel excited about the responsibility of my future, rather than nervous!
Very enjoyable - helped me to understand how to
push myself to the limit.
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