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Independent Learning

Also available ONLINE & LIVE, click here for more.
This ‘in-person’ or ‘online & live’ conference helps students develop good independent learning skills, for the sixth form, university and the workplace.

Schools find that this conference supports subject teachers across the curriculum, helping to set the right academic expectation and work ethic.


Specifically, it enhances four key independent learning skills:

  • Speed Reading (reading faster with the same comprehension)

  • Effective Note Taking (making good notes from speech) 

  • Condensing/Summarising (to 20% of the original written text)

  • Time Management (using our time effectively and efficiently)


With this new skill set, students are better equipped to:

  • Read around their subject

  • Research effectively 

  • Avoid plagiarism 

  • Revise effectively 

  • Optimise work-life balance  

  • Avoid last-minute itis, and 

  • Stay focussed on their studies throughout their 2 year courses.


 "You will never change your life
until you change something you do daily.
The secret of your success
is found in your daily routine."

John Maxwell

Whether online & live or in-person, the Independent Learning Conference lasts approximately 2 hours (we will work within your school timetable) and is best delivered in the morning. Alternatively, the independent learning conference can be broken in to two separate 1 hour sessions - Part 1 and Part 2.  

Students and staff regularly tell us that our conferences are enjoyable and engaging, especially as we incorporate lots of activities throughout.  Schools like that students go away having practised the techniques and are ready to implement them across the curriculum.

We will work alongside you to ensure that the conference is well organised and a success for all.  Please get in touch to chat about your needs.

Writing on Computer


Please email us or complete our enquiry form here so we can discuss how this would work for your school and we can answer any of your questions.
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