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Maximising Success

Really interesting
and engaging
without being too intense!
 It made me get motivated
for my GCSEs
and feel confident.

Maximising Success’ is a series of revision skills workshops in schools that help students to revise effectively, proactively and more enjoyably. 


These revision workshops help boost assessment and exam results across the curriculum for all students and are particularly popular for Years 10 and 11.


‘Maximising Success’ can be delivered in-person or online & live

for whole-year groups, half-year groups or smaller groups. 


Each workshop fits well within a 50/60-minute period

to minimise disruption to the curriculum.

Maximising Success’ can also be supplemented by an additional

one hour briefing for staff and/or parents, both of which help reinforce

the use of the techniques. We’d be happy to discuss these further.


   Part 1

Helps students to explore three principles of learning, four different learning/revision techniques and a system of success. Students leave the workshops knowing how to learn/revise effectively and more enjoyably, and having chosen a number of learning/revision techniques which they can use to proactively consolidate learning throughout Year 10, 11 and beyond.


   Part 2

Reinforces the learning in Part 1 and helps students to explore eight further learning/revision techniques. Students leave the workshop feeling confident that they can learn independently and having chosen even more learning/revision techniques for use in Year 10, 11 and beyond.


   Part 3 The Final Countdown

Reinforces the learning in Part 1 and 2 and helps students to explore the five most important things they need to do in the countdown to assessments/exams, including how to make it all achievable and get the best out of themselves. It’s often run in the Spring Term of Year 11 during the 90–120-day final countdown to GCSEs. Students leave the workshop with an action plan for the remaining days and feeling more motivated to take the appropriate action.

You may choose to run Part 1 alone or Part 1 & 2 or Part 1 & 3 or Part 1, 2 & 3. All the study skills workshops are delivered in a fun and active style with multimedia to maximise learning. We know from regular feedback that students leave our training session feeling more positive about learning/revision and better equipped to
achieve their best in their assessments/exams.

So that we can understand more about your exact needs and tailor the workshop accordingly use the links below to be in contact with us.

Writing on Computer


Please email us or complete our enquiry form here so we can discuss how our study skills workshops in schools would work for your school and we can answer any of your questions.
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