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"I've been on a ridiculous amount
of courses and this is, far and away, the most useful I’ve been on!"

What We Offer...

Please click below for more detail on the staff workshops which we offer.

Our staff training enhances Emotional Intelligence and is suitable for  school leadership, teachers, teachers assistants and/or support staff.

We have worked alongside schools for many years and know how important it is to have INSET that is fun, interactive and useful.  You will not be disappointed!   


We are relentless in the pursuit of excellent quality and service and the quotes above are just a few comments from staff who have attended our workshops.


In one study (Feist & Baron, 1996) it was shown that
social and emotional capabilities were four times more important than
IQ in determining professional success and prestige.

No wonder that we always welcome the opportunity to deliver in-school
training on ‘Emotional Intelligence’ - it really can make a tremendous
difference both in the lives of the attendees and the young people in their care.


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