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Maximising Success in the Sixth Form

"We book the workshop for
our students year after year,
it offers them practical,
empowering study tips,
helping them to understand how
to play to their own learning strengths and take a proactive,  well-paced approach to their
sixth form studies and revision.
This message is delivered in a fun, upbeat, relatable way, which
has a really positive, lasting
impact on the students
and the staff too!"
   Head of Sixth Form

'Maximising Success in the Sixth Form' helps Year 13 students with further input on revision and study skills in schools.  It was developed as a workshop after the Covid pandemic, as Year 13 students entered the exam system without having the experience of public exams behind them and with our schools asking us to meet the changing needs of these students.

This 1.5 hour whole year group workshop is designed to optimise learning and maximise grades, focusing on:

  • Effective revision (helping students to find effective and enjoyable revision techniques and develop a system of success)

  • Condensing/Summarising (helping students to condense text into manageable chunks for revision)

  • Time Management (helping students to manage work/life balance and set their priorities for the exam season)


Students and staff regularly tell us that our conferences are enjoyable and engaging, especially as we incorporate lots of activities throughout. Schools like that students go away having practised the techniques and are ready to implement them across the curriculum.

We will work alongside you to ensure that the conference is well organised and a success for all.​  Please get in touch so that we can discuss your exact needs.


 "Education can open doors and the more doors open to you the more chance you have in life."

Sharron Davies
MBE, Olympic Silver Medalist
Writing on Computer


Please email us or complete our enquiry form here so we can discuss how our sixth form study skills workshops in schools would work for your school and we can answer any of your questions.
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