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Supportive Behaviour Management

Our style of working with students has been very influenced by supportive behaviour management and we hope this overview will explain more.
Young Teacher
“A piece of behaviour
is not always all of the problem,
sometimes it’s part of the message”

Mike Temple

The Life Skills Company is delighted to be working alongside Mike Temple, Independent Education Consultant and founder of Supportive Behaviour Management (SBM).  His work has shaped how we work with students in our school workshops.


SBM is an emotionally intelligent and inclusive approach to behaviour management that focuses on shifting the role of behaviour manager from the teacher to the pupil.  Pupils become more responsible, resourceful, emotionally intelligent, resilient, self-aware and self-managed. Schools experience a reduction in conflict, exclusion, isolation and out of timetable time.


To understand more about SBM, you may like to read his article here.


Mike’s advice is based-on, based on over 17 years of experience working in challenging environments.

Mike worked for 13 years in a complex special needs school developing an excellent Supportive Behaviour Management system and then continued working in education for an additional 4 years as an advisor with the Local Authority. In this role, he assisted head teachers and their staff in a number of different schools

in challenging circumstances to establish a more supportive approach for managing students and reducing exclusions. Mike has featured in the Times Educational Supplement and appeared on Teachers TV talking about Supportive Behaviour Management.

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If you are a teacher you will find helpful advice on his website here:

Equally Mike would always be delighted to hear from you by email:

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