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Covering Letter Writing

According to Simplilearn*the average number of applicants for a single job is 118 and only 20% of those will be interviewed.  No wonder that being able to write a good covering letter is now critical for success in the job/apprenticeship market.  

A good covering letter helps a student to stand out from the crowd, and explains why the employer should choose them above all the other applicants.

 (Job Interview Statistics and Trends for 2023, 4 Nov 2022) 

Lots of people TALK about the qualities of a good Covering Letter, but students leave our workshop HAVING WRITTEN A FIRST DRAFT of their individual covering letter  for apprenticeships/employment AND with an action plan to enhance it further.  The process/techniques learnt can also be used for any future covering letters.

Our Covering Letter Workshop:
•    Can be run for a large number of students at one time.
•    Makes an excellent fast start to the application process - tutors typically have

      a first draft of the covering letter by the end of the same day.
•    Enables tutors and subject staff to spend more time fine-tuning rather than

      in the creation of a covering letter.
•    Reduces stress and anxiety for students given they know the covering letter

      is critical for their future. 
•    Allows students to focus more on their studies, avoiding potential distraction

      and loss of concentration in lessons. 
•    Helps generate even higher quality covering letters which achieve results and

      gain competitive advantage.

Please just get in touch to chat through your particular needs.

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Please email us or complete our enquiry form here so we can discuss how this would work for your school and we can answer any of your questions.
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