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Part 1: Getting The Best Out of Me & Others

This is part 1 of our school workshops for staff and it focuses on enhancing
the premise being that if we understand more about ourselves AND others,
then we can develop better working relationships (e.g. with pupils, staff and parents). We can also tailor the workshop towards enhancing the relationships of your choice e.g. towards enhancing relationships with staff or pupils.

speaking about daniel goleman book
1) How can I quickly and easily understand more
    about myself and others?
2) How can I develop better working relationships
    with people around me?
3) How can I enhance my leadership and teamwork?

Attendees Explore...

It’s all based around a behaviour model (DISC) that came out of Harvard University c/o psychologist William Marston.  It’s one of those insets that is fun, interactive and pragmatic, but also very informative and for some quite life changing (we meet people years after who still remember and use it)!


"The most important single ingredient
in the formula of success
is knowing how to get along with people."

Theodore Roosevelt
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