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Online & Live
Personal Statement Writing

Also available IN-PERSON, click here for more.
Online & Live
Personal Statement Writing:
Introductory Video

Chloe Mills

Our online & live workshop
can get all your personal statements drafted
in a morning and submitted
by the end of the day!

Students are guided and coached throughout, enabling them to actually write a first draft of their individual personal statement during the workshop. This first draft
(and action plan to enhance it further) can then easily be submitted to staff on
the same day.


The workshop lays a strong foundation and makes an excellent first start to the application process. It reduces some of the stress and anxiety around the process, helping students to stop procrastinating, get the first draft done and ultimately make
it more likely that they get their first choice university, first choice course.
In addition, staff then get to spend their valuable time fine tuning not creating.

Writing on Computer


Please email us or complete our enquiry form here so we can discuss how this would work for your school and we can answer any of your questions.
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