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Qualifications Are Not Enough

1) To enhance the skills and qualities needed for success at
    university, in employment and in our everyday lives.

2) To help students gain competitive edge. 

Our Aims...

A recruitment survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters showed that the number of applicants for each graduate job now stands at 75 on average. Assuming that every applicant has the right qualifications, what is it that determines success?

One study (Feist & Baron, 1996) showed that social and emotional capabilities were four times more important than IQ in determining professional success and prestige, and we’ve therefore designed a conference to help sixth formers enhance social
and emotional intelligence.


We always prefer to personalise training to meet your exact educational needs, however the topics might include:

  • What universities and employers want from successful candidates 

  • How to make an outstanding first impression 

  • Understanding my strengths and weaknesses, and those of other people (emotional intelligence) 

  • Developing highly effective working relationships (teamwork & leadership) 

  • Handling interview questions 

  • Getting my message across and persuading other people 

Please just get in touch to chat through your particular needs.

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